We accept orders in 1 skewer units so customers can try whatever they like.
You can choose either salt or sauce flavoring for your grilled skewers.
This dish is a Japanese taste that pairs well with beer,
sake, and other drinks as well.


800yen (including tax)

If you come to Genkotsuyama, please try this first.
This menu item is a set of five recommended skewers.
After each has been charcoal-roasted to perfection, you can enjoy the different tastes of different combinations and parts of the chicken.

  • ・Wings
  • ・Meat-wrapped asparagus
  • ・Bonjiri (meat from around the tailbone)
  • ・Negima (meat and green onion)
  • ・Tsukune (meatballs)
  • ・Tsukune (meatballs)

*The photo is just an example. Set content varies.


170yen (including tax)

This grilled skewer is made using a name-brand chicken called Kinso-dori.
The meat from these birds is soft, with just the right amount of chewy texture.
The skewers are first seasoned with a special soy-based sauce then grilled until they take on a mouth-watering aroma.


Sauce or salt190yen (including tax)

Tsukimi (sauce with raw egg yolk)220yen (including tax)

These meatballs are made from chicken mashed into a paste.
Enjoy the aroma of shiso leaves, a famous product of Toyohashi, and the crunchy texture of the cartilage mixed into the meat. Available in flavored with salt, soy-based sauce, or with sauce and egg yolk on the side (Tsukimi). Please try them for yourself.


180yen (including tax)

Our negima are skewers loaded with green onion and pork in an alternating fashion.
The juicy pork and crisp and savory green onions are a perfect match.
Available flavored with either salt or soy-based sauce.


Other Yakitori items



170yen (including tax)

Our chicken skin skewers are grilled to perfection.Enjoy the perfect balance of a crispy exterior and a chewy interior.



170yen (including tax)

Grilled chicken with crispy skin and juicy meat.Enjoy the savory flavor of the meat around the bones.

Tomato wrapped in meat

Tomato wrapped in meat

180yen (including tax)

This is a skewer of tomato slices wrapped in pork.The tomatoes are piping hot with an intensified flavor, the perfect combination with the savory meat.

A la carte dishes

640yen (including tax)

This dish is fresh Aka-dori thigh meat that has been lightly seared.
Enjoy the rich flavor of the meat with ginger and our homemade ponzu soy and citrus sauce.

170yen (including tax)

This dish is fresh Aka-dori thigh meat that has been lightly seared.
Enjoy the rich flavor of the meat with ginger and our homemade ponzu soy and citrus sauce.

500yen (including tax)

This method of cooking eggs with dashi stock and rolling the mixture in layers is Japanese home cooking.
Try topping it with some grated daikon radish and soy sauce.

Small 430yen (including tax)

Large 540yen (including tax)

If you visit Japan, we hope you'll try some ramen. Our ramen uses a chicken and seafood base for a crisp and refreshing soup.Stir the wavy noodles into your soup as you eat, and this is the perfect dish to end your night with.



Japanese sake

Enjoy some of this alcohol made from rice when you visit Japan.
We hope you'll try some Koraku, a local Toyohashi sake.
It goes down easy with a good mouthfeel, and draws out the flavor of our grilled skewers.
Good both hot and cold.


This is a distilled liquor made from ingredients such as rice, barley, and potatoes.
Each of these raw materials imparts their own distinctive flavor, and the differences between varieties is one aspect to enjoy.
Shochu can be drunk diluted with cold or hot water, on the rocks, or however you prefer to mix it.
We recommend Aku shochu. The character for evil (悪 (Aku)) is written backwards on the label, signifying that this is the ultimate barley shochu.

Beer, wine,




This pub is an inviting space for customers coming by themselves and in groups as well.
When you visit Japan, spend some time in our comfortable space enjoying the
Japanese yakitori (grilled skewers) food culture.


3 minutes walk from Toyohashi Station